Café Z

Whether you come for the coffee or tea, our choice of beverage wakes us up in the morning and settles us in the evening. Brings people together, gives us a boost when we need it, and offers perspective.

Relationships are formed. Deals are made. Creativity is born.

People drink coffee or tea to be inspired and energized, to relax, and to discuss. Over a cup of coffee or tea we can laugh, provide comfort, make new memories, or catch up on old ones. Life happens. Coffee and tea help.


People Love Café Z!

  • Really cool style place. One of a kind. Nothing like it in omaha! Great service and conversations with owner and customers. The best fresh squeezed orange juice. Some of the best mixed drinks we have had. Very fresh dark strong coffee and beans best price around!!

    A. Alb
  • Authentic serious coffee and eccentric atmosphere.

    Mark Hoeger
  • Excellent coffee and the best Cuban sandwich I have had so far. Perfect place for a cup of coffee, a good story, and a fantastic bite to eat.

    David Beard